wd-md-llOn the 20th February my brother and I teamed up with Laura Lacole who is a Northern Irish glamour model to help promote an event in Belfast which is highlighting the dangers of testicular cancer.

The photo shoot involved me and Michael stripping down to just our boots with our helmets strategically placed to cover our modesty! The event in question, a fancy dress sponsored walk is to take place next month and has been named the “Belfast Strut”.

While on the shoot, Laura made us aware that in the last 3 years out of a 10 year period that no one in Northern Ireland has died in relation to testicular cancer.

We took our kit off to help raise awareness and to encourage our fans to sign up and get involved in this fundraising event and make the rest of the world aware of this fantastic statistic for Northern Ireland.

The Belfast Strut will take place on the 16th March and will consist of 100 giant testicles making a visual impact in a light hearted way to raise awareness.

So come and show your support for this worthy cause and join me and Michael at the event.