Road was realised on DVD in September 2014

The first live televised showing is on October 6th on BBC1 NI. This may also be available on the iPlayer afterwards.

Thursday 27th seen the Belfast Film Festival get underway and the opening show was the premiere of “Road” a feature documentary based on  my family. A big thank you to everyone involved and the road race fans that helped the premiere sell out weeks before.

Road gives a ‘real life’ insight into our sport and family, enabling you to see the fantastic highs and the devastating lows and losses. Road is as real as it gets. Liam Neeson narrated  fantastically.

The – “The film is narrated by acting heavyweight Liam Neeson, but the twists and turns of the Dunlop tale need little help from the Ballymena-born star’s portentous tones to grab attention”.

Speaking with UTV Michael says “It shows life in general, there’s no doors hidden, the good thing about the story is the truth. No fake motives in it, no fake life, it is what it is”.

On Twitter Michael commented;


I took to twitter myself to thank the guys from DoubleBandFilms who produced the film and also my pride of being Son & Nephew to great men, my Dad Robert & Uncle Joey.


On the night seeing the buzz around made us feel very proud, equally the interest on social media was humbling. “Road” is coming to cinemas in the next few months and DVD after that, I will keep you posted on dates.

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Some Twitter Comments

@Dunlop6 @doublebandfilms it was truly amazing! So emotional but exhilarating at the same time. You did your dad and uncle Joey proud! #Road

— andrea lewis (@andiatspectrum)

what a fantastic film William. The spirit of the whole Dunlop family came across so well. #Road
– mal ‏@mal675

Was at Premiere of Road – film about road racing & the Dunlop family. Fantastic production; Liam Neeson superb narrator – but very sad…
– Paul Lindsay ‏@Paullindsay69

At the premiere of ‘Road’ this evening – the extraordinary story of the legendary Dunlop family. An incredibly powerful film – amazing!
– Michelle McIlveen ‏@MMcIlveenMLA

You are both doing them proud.
– simon humphries ‏@sdhumphries

legend isn’t a big enough word for these men
– Graham Pennington ‏@Penno350

@M_Dunlop3 @Dunlop6 its almost like you two just carried on where they left off, sensational riders, see you at the TT gents
– Derek McKenna ‏@Derekmac80

@Dunlop6 @doublebandfilms you are one of them great men willy….✊
— Lee Johnston ‏@Lee_johnston13

absolutely fantastic film
– Colin Neeson ‏@cnees35

Incredible crowds at the Dunlop family film premiere ‘ROAD’ last night,big collective thanks for all the kind comments,glad everyone enjoyed
– Liam Beckett ‏@liam_beckett

Road: Not a dry eye in the 900 strong house. Powerful story of family and the magnetism of road racing. Granny Dunlop had me in floods.
– Julie Gardner ‏@Gardnerjulie

@M_Dunlop3 @Dunlop6 you are doing their legacy a tremendous honour, but do remember that your own legacy will be equally revered.
– Peter ‏@phaweir

@M_Dunlop3 @Dunlop6 softies? You’re the next generation.
– Derek Wilkie ‏@fatspanner38

its all relative! NO ONE who races the roads can be classed as a softie!
James Wright ‏@JWdoublered

Fantastic night last night at the Moviehouse…absolute class film….and great to see you and William there….
– Jimmy Mullen ‏@MullenJimmy

brilliant show . Im am very privledged to have seen them both in there prime . Now im privledged to watch you guys ..
– paul gibb ‏@gibby82mufc

Hearing that Road, the film about Joey Dunlop, will have grown men in tears. Look forward to seeing it. And probably weeping too
– Paul McNamee ‏@PauldMcNamee

Can’t wait to see the new
Dunlop’s Movie ” ROAD ”

.@BelfastFilmFes1 off to a great start. #ROAD was a brilliant tribute to the Dunlop brothers, and so emotional. Tears were shed.
– Robert J.E. Simpson ‏@avalard