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For the 2015 season I am pleased to announce 3 new sponsors. Personal Sponsor Keltruck Limited, Noticing Me Web Design & Marketing & Tint Wise. Also a big thank you to sponsors A & P Lowden, Stoneyford, 2020 Architects & Road Racing News. I am having another year with 4SR, Bell Helmets and Daytona Boots.

Special thanks to all the road race race fans and everyone else who has helped with my racing throughout the years. Some are listed here.

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William Dunlop
International Superbike Winner

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Find out a little more about
William Dunlop

William is a 29 year old road racer from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. He has always had a passion for road racing, after all he grew up in a Dunlop household! William and brother Michael are proudly carrying on the tradition set by father Robert, and uncle Joey.

Outside of racing William enjoys keeping fit, football and Italian foods. You can find out more from his rider profile.

In November 2013 William signed with the Tyco Suzuki Team where he will contest all international 2014 road races (North West 200, Isle of Man TT, Ulster Grand Prix) on the Supersport, Superstock & Superbike. In addition to this he will feature in other national road races.

This is a very exciting year for both William & the team. Sign up to his newsletter if you want kept informed on the latest news and progression of his season.

William wishes to thank the Tas / Tyco Suzuki team for this opportunity and as always will try his upmost to bring great success to the team.

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